The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer

Innovative, Comprehensive, Full-Featured

Blackjack/21 Video Game

Coming 2017
iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Android Phone & Tablet
Android TV

All Inclusive

No Ads

No In-Game Purchases

No Time Limits

No Interruptions

Innovative Blackjack Trainer Builds Winning Skills

  • Comprehensive blackjack tutorial with basic rules, card counting, bet management
  • Fully customizable experience: number of decks, house rules, max bet, card counting system, on screen AI advice & more
  • Real-time, in-game and on-screen display of status, statistics, analysis and advice
  • Advanced AI logic for card counting, bet management and play strategies
  • AI flashcard blackjack trainer for basic game play and advanced card counting
  • Automated AI lets players test card counting strategies and other game variables
  • Over 50 challenges and achievements to reward and motivate

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