All You Need to Know to Win at Blackjack

Learning Games Expert Reveals All You Need To Know To Win At Blackjack

Richard L. Seaborne, the creator of The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer, has been making learning and simulation games since the late 1980s. Among his very first titles was Monte Carlo for the Apple IIGS released in 1987. Monte Carlo featured seven casino gambling simulation games including blackjack and poker. Monte Carlo was the first Apple IIGS gambling simulation title. Monte Carlo also came to the attention of MIT statistics educators who cited Seaborne’s application of advanced AI algorithms.

With the new The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer, Seaborne is once again offering gamers unique insight into a classic video game. Of course, The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer app offers game play basics and provides for house rules variations, but it goes so much more above and beyond that. No other blackjack casino training program gives players such an extensive level of game insight. Optional on-screen windows give players real-time game statistics, card counting status updates and what-to-do-next advice. At any time players can see on screen the number of cards played and remaining, win/lose/push stats, and what action should be taken next based on the card counting method selected and probabilities; and even more importantly, why that particular action was recommended.

Players can select from the most popular card counting strategies or even create their own. Automated AI play lets users speed-test their favorite blackjack card counting systems and other game variables to find their own winning blackjack strategies and how they might play out in the real-world casinos they frequent. The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer’s variable-speed, automated AI feature also serves as a flashcard training system that helps players practice card counting skills.

The Blackjack Wiz Casino Trainer app also includes over 50 different challenges to achieve to keep players engaged and eager to explore all the games features and opportunities to improve their skills and win playing blackjack.

Customizable AI Info Panels Give Unprecedented Game Insight and Actionable Advice


Customize your blackjack game experience

Max Bet

Soft 17

Shuffling frequency

Number of decks

Double down



Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tracks blackjack game statistics

Deck – cards remaining and played

Ace – aces remaining and played

Face Cards – face cards (10+) remaining & played

Low Cards – low cards (2 through 9) remaining & played

Wins – hands won, lost or pushed

Streak – consecutive hands won & lost

Gain – winnings in dollar value & percentage

Bet Average – average bet & hands played each session

No other blackjack app gives players such an advanced level of insight as to game status, statistics and advice.



Know your current status with your preferred blackjack card counting method

Method – which of 9 different card counting methods you selected

Count – current card count value and True Card count value (TrueC)

Face Cards – number of cards with value of 10 played and number remaining in deck

Win:Loss – status of True Count win:loss record within each bet range (low, med, high and blend of all 3)


Real-time AI summarizes blackjack game status & gives recommendations

Dealer’s hand status and insights

Player’s hand status and insights

Player’s recommended action and rationale

Icons display recommended play actions and bet level

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